The MFM Family

In MFM, it is not just a job; it is a place where our employee career grows. We believe our people are our greatest assets and we continuously look for professionals with passion to be part of the MFM family to achieve our vision and missions.

Our People

MFM believes that our people are our greatest assets. We treat each other with respect and work together as one big MFM family. Our working culture & values ensures that our people focuses on quality, unity and continuous improvements.

Our People

I am truly thankful for a pleasant and wonderful journey with MFM so far. Working in MFM has given me a lot of memorable experiences and amazing friends besides developing and enhancing my talents and abilities.

Jonathan Yeh, Farm Operation Specialist

It is a wonderful experience to work as a team with great leaders that have high passion, motivated and willing to guide. I’m exposed to various opportunities and steep learning curve that enables me to perform better.

Dr. Nur Atiqah, Veterinarian

This is a place where we work together to achieve our target. We share the excitement and happiness from the success. MFM provides plenty of opportunities and chances for training and improvements.

Phang Kean Mun, Production Engineer

MFM has provided me with ample opportunities to learn and grow, and it has so far likened to exciting new chapters after chapters of an adventurous book. With an astounding vision and far thinking leadership of the company, MFM has brought me from the humble ground roots of flour milling to the more challenging views of corporate leadership and how the enterprise runs as a business. I truly appreciate this opportunity given through the experiences gained through local and international interactions that has brought me to the place where I am today.

Yong Yee Wan, Plant Manager

I treated Dindings Poultry Processing (DPP) as if it is my own company. I nurtured it by dedicating my everything to produce the best of results. I begun my career in DPP as an Operation staff with zero knowledge in this industry, but passion and dedication brought me the most valuable asset – knowledge. I was then given a greater platform to serve the company as its Production Manager.

Norhajan Binti Abdul Rani, Production Manager

Getting to Know MFM

We believe in ensuring that our employees feels warm and welcomed in the MFM family from the very start. As such, we have designed a comprehensive on-boarding program to ensure that all our employees gets to know all about MFM and feels right at home immediately.

Getting to Know MFM

First Day

We ensures that our new employees feels warm and welcomed as part of the MFM family from the first day onwards. The ‘Buddy-System’ was implemented to ensure that every new employee receives all the help he or she needs.


The Orientation Programme is a 2-day programme where information on the company’s vision, mission & history, HR policies, overview of business operations within MFM Group will be shared with new employees.

Plant Tour

In order to better understand the operations within MFM Group, new employees are provided an opportunity to witness first-hand experience of the working environment at the manufacturing plant.

Breakfast with MD

It is an engagement breakfast event where new employees are given opportunities to share their thoughts, experience, idea and also to get to know the Managing Director.

Engaging Our Employees

MFM emphasises on engaging our employees through various employee engagement activities. This ranges from various Corporate Social Responsibility activities to our annual MFM Town Hall as well as fun filled activities such as the Annual Dinner, Durian Fest etc.

Engaging Our Employees

MFM Townhall

Every year, MFM organizes the annual town-hall session to provide the platform for senior management team to engage and communicate organizational goals and business strategies with employees within the Group.

Festive Celebrations, Durian Feast & Many More

MFM is a fun place to be! Beside celebrating Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas, MFM also organizes various fun filled activities such as Durian Feast, Annual Dinner and many more throughout the year. These activities allow and provide our staff with the opportunities to mingle and strengthen the bond and relationship with their colleagues as one big family. The MFM family!