Giving Back To Society

MFM encourages giving back to society. In line with our emphasis on continuous learning, we are always playing an active role in collaborating with internationally recognised universities like University of Arkansas and Kansas State University as well as local universities like University Putra Malaysia (UPM), University Malaya (UM), University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and many others We are also constantly collaborating with high schools such as SMJK Nan Hwa, SMK Methodist (ACS) and Montfort Boys Town on various initiatives to enhance our country’s education.

Collaboration with Universities

MFM collaborates and participates in various activities with both local and international universities to enhance the country’s education.

Collaboration with Universities

Collaboration with Universities

MFM plays an active role in its objective to advance the education level in the country by actively assisting to connect local universities with experts from other countries. Amongst the initiative is the collaboration formed between University Putra Malaysia (UPM) with University of Arkansas as well as the collaboration between University Malaya (UM) and Kansas State University. MFM is also actively collaborating with University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) on various initiatives.

University Career Fairs & Career Talk

MFM participates actively in various university career fairs to provide employment opportunities to graduating students. MFM also holds various Career Talks at the universities to provide the students with the latest information, knowledge and technology about the flour milling and poultry farming industry.

Sponsors & Awards

MFM continues to support education in the country by sponsoring awards to high achieving students in the Veterinarian Studies in University Putra Malaysia (UPM). Besides that, MFM also provides its support to the engineering and science community by sponsoring the UTAR Engineering and Science Fiesta.

Collaboration with High Schools

MFM collaborates with various high schools on a number of activities to promote continuous learning as well as to build their interest in the flour milling and poultry farming industry.

Collaboration with High Schools

Award Day

MFM promotes and supports education amongst the young ones through its school adoption program with SMK Methodist (ACS) and SMJK Nan Hwa by providing financial aids to the students from the school. We further encouraged the students to achieve excellence in their studies by awarding their best students.

School Holiday Apprenticeship Program

MFM provides opportunities to students from SMK Methodist (ACS) and SMJK Nan Hwa the opportunity to gain real life working experiences through its School Holiday Apprenticeship Programme. The programme allows the students to be exposed to various aspects of the flour milling and poultry farming industry.

Baking Class Demonstration

MFM conducts various Baking Class Demonstration to students from Montfort Boys Town, SMK Methodist (ACS) Sitiawan and SMJK Nan Hwa. This is part of our initiative to inject a fun learning environment to the students while at the same time share knowledge and experience about the baking and the flour industry.

Plant & Farm Tour

MFM conducts tours to our Flour Mills and Poultry Farms for students to provide them opportunities to witness the working environment in MFM. The students were introduced to various aspects of the Flour Milling and Poultry Farming industry throughout the tour.