We aspire to be a leading food manufacturing enterprise in the region.


  • –We are the preferred provider and strategic partner in the food industry.
  • –We drive operational excellence by embracing a culture of continuous improvement.
  • –We add value to stakeholders by growing economies of scale.

Our Culture & Values

We welcome you to be part our family and we want you to be happy working with us as well as achieving your individual career plans. We encouraged our employees to be acquainted with our working culture and values, namely QUALITAS, CONSILIUM & PROGRESSUS which form the guiding philosophy of MFM.


Purchasing the raw material of consistent quality, meticulous care in production and making available to the public consistent quality products at reasonable prices.


Unity of employees and management is essential to a successful enterprise.

Togetherness has made MFM what it is today and maintaining unity will always be MFM’s culture.


We are committed to make continuous improvement to make progress in order to maintain its competitive edge in the business and contribute effectively to benefit the society.