Business Philosophy & Policies

Business Philosophy

We create value for our customers by providing a differentiated offerings based on our best cost production, consistent quality, service and innovative solutions.

We want to be recognised as an organisation committed to the well beings of our shareholders, customers, employees and community.

MFM has adopted the following set of Business Principles to challenge the status quo and to offer noticeably better processes and results.

MFM is committed to an ethical business approach through

  • Compliance with the law.
  • Honoring business obligations.
  • Ensuring integrity in our business dealings.

MFM is committed to customer-focused approach by

  • Understanding our clients history, culture, decision-making process, key people, vision, mission, strategy, goals and strengths.
  • Focusing on our customers’ needs.
  • Focusing on building trust in the working relationships with our clients.

Business Policy

Food Safety Policy

In MFM, our management is committed to the safety and quality of all products. To provide our customers with safe products, the following Food Safety Policy has been declared by the company –

  1. Adoption of HACCP system, applying Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and training employees in Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) throughout the food processing flow chart from raw material to finished goods.
  2. Provide continuous training to our staff ensuring that they possess the necessary knowledge and understanding in managing food safety and strive to improve customer confidence in our products.
  3. We strictly follow the reference standards of “Requirements for a HACCP based Food Safety System” (Compiled by the National Board of Experts-HACCP, the Netherlands, 2002), The Malaysia Food Act (1983) and Food Regulation (1985) as a reference guide to draw the HACCP Manual.
  4. To co-operate with the relevant authorities ensuring the processing system adheres to both domestic and international requirements.


Food Safety Objectives

  1. Our products are free from any visible metal fragments with diameter more than 1.00mm.
  2. Our products must be free from Salmonella and Aflatoxin; Coliform count to be at < 100 MPN/gm; TPC to be < 1 x 105 cfu/gm; yeast and mould to be < 1 x 10³/gm.
  3. To minimise customer complaint especially those relevant to food safety issue, such complaints are strictly controlled to be not more than 5 cases per year.


Environmental Policy

MFM is committed to protecting the environment. The company identifies and manages any significant impacts in the environment through its management system and ensures the followings –

  1. Environmental matters are integrated into all areas of the business.
  2. Energy is used efficiently and consumption is monitored.
  3. Emissions to air, releases to water and land, are controlled.
  4. Solid waste is reduced, reused or recycled where practicable.
  5. Environmental issues are considered when making purchasing decisions.
  6. Products are transported efficiently to minimise fuel usage, consistent with customers’ demands, and vehicle fleet operations.
  7. Accidents are prevented so far as reasonably practicable.
  8. Effective emergency response procedures are in place to minimise the impact of incidents.
  9. All employees are encouraged to participate in improving the environment.