Developing Our People

MFM believes in developing the potential and skill competency of its employees and is committed to ensure they are trained to undertake the position for which they are employed and to develop their abilities and skills in line with technological changes and other needs of the organisation at present and in the future. Here, we evaluate our employees’ performance using the Competency Model which provides an inventory of the employee’s strengths and opportunities for further development. Hence, training programs and development are designed to help the individual employee to develop the targeted competencies.

Our key development programs and soft skills training:

– Flour Miller Development Programme

In building the talent pipeline in flour milling capabilities, MFM initiated the Flour Miller Development Programme. This programme is designed to groom fresh graduates engineers to eventually become a Production Manager / Chief Miller with the exposure of on-site technical training, off-site training with Kansas State University in the USA, soft skills training, on-the-job training in Mekong Flour Mills and Vimaflour in Vietnam and subsequently advance milling training with Swiss Milling School in Switzerland.


– Feed Miller Development Programme

The Feed Miller Development Programme is designed to develop competent Feed Millers in the Group to build sustainable talent pipeline for the feed milling business. Fresh graduates engineers are recruited to undergo a series of on-site technical training, off-site training in Kansas State University in the USA, soft skills training, and internal job posting to ensure their career success with the Group. Quarterly engagement sessions are held between MFM senior management team with the young graduates to constantly motivate, challenge, guide and keep track of their development progress.


– Flour Product Consultant Development Programme

The Flour Product Consultant Development Programme is designed to develop a group of Product Consultants that are competent in both sales and technical support. Throughout the journey, they will acquire in-depth technical knowledge as well as professional selling skills by taking part in a series of on-site technical training, off-site training, soft skills training, and on-job-training to develop them in a holistic approach with multi-skilled.


– Soft Skills Training

Team Synergy

This program recognises the importance of shared vision, interdependence, cooperation, commitment, creative ideas and open communication. It shares on the benefits of working in a team, and come to see teamwork as one of the most important aspects to success.

Change for Greater Success

Change for Greater Success is designed to help employees to overcome change where positive attitude leads to greater success. It focusses on changing the way we see things, the way we interpret things and the way we deal with people.

Leadership & Managerial Development Programme

Talents within the MFM Group are selected to embark on a structured Leadership and Managerial Development Programme journey focusing on creating a higher sense of personal leadership awareness, enabling mind set shifts and strengthening the 4 pillars of leadership behaviours (Trust, Authenticity, Commitment and Responsibility).

Coaching Programme

In creating a coaching culture within the Group, a 6-month coaching programme is implemented where head coaches and coaches will coach a group of identified coachees in identifying and achieving their business goals, team goals and personal goals.