Expansion & Diversification by the late Mr Teh Liang Teik

The Founder
In May 1976, the late Mr Teh Liang Teik, realising the potential of MFM, acquired the controlling interests in MFM from the Sung family. Throughout his tenure as the Managing Director of MFM, the late Mr Teh Liang Teik has contributed significantly to its dynamic growth and diversification.

He expanded the facilities at Lumut to include a feed mill, breeder farm, broiler farm and poultry processing plant. The feed mill at Lumut was launched in 1983 with the objective of producing quality feeds for the poultry and aqua culture industry. This feed mill had succeeded in creating a niche in the local animal feed market within a year. As part of his vision, another flour mill and feed mill was subsequently set up at Pasir Gudang in the Southern Region. In the 90s, he expanded the flour milling operations to Vietnam with the setting up of two flour mills – Vimaflour in North Vietnam and Mekong Flour in the South.

Encouraged by its venture into producing animal feeds, MFM went further downstream by investing in Dindings Poultry Processing Sdn Bhd (DPP) in 1985 to produce processed chicken and further processed poultry products from its plant at Sitiawan, Perak.

As part of the Poultry Integration Project, Dindings Broiler Breeder Farm Sdn Bhd was established in 1988. It commenced its production of broiler day old-chicks in 1990. The broiler breeder farm can produce about 1.8 million broiler day old-chicks monthly.

The late Mr Teh Liang Teik

In 1989, Dindings Poultry Development Centre Sdn Bhd was established to reinforce the poultry integration project by producing its own broilers.

In 2001, another breeder farm, Semakin Dinamik Sdn Bhd, was set up at Ayer Hitam, Johor to meet the demands of day old-chicks from the Southern Region.


As a result of the foresight and determination of the late Mr Teh Liang Teik, MFM has emerged to be a regional flour miller, achieving economies of scale and contributing positively to the economic well being of the country as well as to its shareholders. After serving MFM Group for 26 years, the late Mr Teh Liang Teik retired in April 2002 and was succeeded by his son, Mr Teh Wee Chye.

Under the leadership of Mr Teh Wee Chye, the Group embarked on various initiatives in line with its Vision, Mission and Strategies to transform MFM from a family-managed company to a professionally managed organisation. These initiatives will position MFM well to face the challenges ahead and to enhance shareholders’ value.

Amongst the initiatives undertaken, was the engagement of consultants to assist MFM in strategic planning, human resource development and to implement a re-branding programme.